Communication = 7% spoken words + 38% tone of voice + 55% body language


Not only does interpersonal communication involve the content/information conveyed, but it also relies on the explicit set of messages shared, whether intentional or not, which are expressed through non-verbal behaviours.

Knowing that only 7% of what’s understood by your audience is actually the message/information presented, whereas the rest is made of an array of “contextual stimuli”, it becomes essential to be aware of all forms of non-verbal communications. This includes facial expressions, the tone of the voice, gestures displayed through body language and the physical distance between people: these are all signals that provide extremely important clues and additional meaning to what is being spoken.

Sales driven organizations need top-notch rainmakers. If your company is just starting out, you will need to find, attract and keep your sales teams well-lubricated and operating like a fine-tuned Mercedes engine.

We offer a custom training program for your organization on-site that will take your existing sales team up to the next level. With a concentration on modern marketing tools both on-line and off line, we will teach your teams how to reel in the leads faster by focusing and teaching them how to paint the solution into the minds of the potential buyer or desition maker.


A workshop that delivers results

Visualization is a powerful tool and it’s no surprise to learn that the best story tellers are often the best sales people. In this workshop, we will analyze your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Often we discover that many sales teams are simply using the tools and techniques that worked five years ago. We will teach your sales people how to “turn it up a notch,” by showing them modern ways to tell stories that engage and convince.

The Public Speaker Workshop is a comprehensive course given by Edgar Garcia that comprises almost 3 decades of experience in mass communication. It has travelled to various countries in South America, and has managed to give training to professional business professionals that need a  deep insight of  the techniques necessary to excel as public speakers.

This course is oriented to give a better understanding of the limitations and mistakes that commonly plague the communicational process. Issues  that appear in a number of ways in the day to day activities of professionals that need to communicate ideas. We tailor our work to your needs, goals, time frame, and budget.

The Public Speaker Workshop strengthens the abilities and manages to achieve significant improvements in every participant aiming at the mistakes showed during practical sessions and establishing the necessary correctives that will translate in visible changes, so that improvements in creative concept, style, credibility and aesthetics during a presentation are achieved.

You can benefit from online vocal lessons if you have one or more of the following problems:

  • Your voice gets tired (you lose your voice too easily)
  • You mumble or talk too quickly
  • You get nervous or sound hesitant
  • You need a richer, clearer voice
  • You'd like a deeper or more authoritative soun
  • You can't connect with your audience
  • You have difficulty to convince with your delivery

Also it will demonstrate the importance of correct interpretation of the information to be spoken so a more coherent and convincing message is delivered to the receiver.

The Public Speaker Workshop aims to maximize the histrionic capacity of every participant as a decisive way to attain correct interpretation of the message by the receiver, and demonstrates through practical exercises (Slice of Life) the different techniques to maintain attention from the audience by means of a coherent and effective message delivery.

Speaker coaching improves your ability to communicate, making it one of the most important things you can do to advance your career, your confidence, and your effectiveness in the  business world.


An example of what to expect.

A brief example of the experience that has travelled all around Venezuela's most important cities…Colombia, Peru. You could be next.




  • Respiratory techniques and practical exercises.
  • Phrasing or wording techniques (Theory, Explanation and Exercises)
  • Text interpretation (importance, uses and differences)
  • Avoiding dullness and identicallness when reading, 
  • Learn to speak with a melodic, fluent voice
  • How to sell an idea or product
  • Oratory techniques. How to speak to an auditorium
  • Anxiety control
  • The power of gestures to convince an audience
  • Practice and polish your speech, presentation, sales pitch, interview or audition
  • Build your credibility by increasing your confidence and impact



The Public Speaker workshop can be given both in Spanish and English. It's based in Miami Florida but why not? it can be given Online via Skype or we can travel to you if  this is imperative. This workshop works wonders on a personal basis or for small groups no bigger than 5.

Let's get in touch and see what are your specific needs. 

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