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Cutting edge gear for great VO's




A professional studio for a professional voice.

You can have a good voice but very little will be achieved if there's no quality in the sound recorded. That's why most of his VO work can be done in his own professional sound studio with the latest in technology and gear necessary for the final product to have all the strict quality standards that you require.


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Neumann TLM-103 Microphone, AKG Solid Tube Microphone for a more deeper and richer sound, Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun microphone for performance on the road when necessary. All the details have to be covered so you can get the best service always.

Audio Recording and Editing

This studio uses Avid Pro Tools 12 software for audio capture, Digidesign 003 automated control surface, Focusrite Pre Amps, Klark Teknik Eq, Solid State Logic Sound processing  and Yamaha monitoring.

If your need come's from far away there's no need to worry as this studio is compatible with Source Connect technology for remote and lower cost remote connections for recording and monitoring and is also  ISDN ready with Telos Zephir Digital Network Audio Transceiver for the most demanding recording sessions. Only the best in sound for the best results.


Turnaround times can be as little as 1 hour from reception of the scripts so flexibility and speedy delivery are assured when you work with him and studio and ISDN rates are very attractive so don't hesitate to ask.

You can find all the necessary gear that will assure you superb sound quality and if we add this VO's  proven expertise in the field you are only headed for a great result in your project, no matter how small or how important it may be.

Let's get in touch and see how Edgar Garcia can be of service, results and costs will make you come back again and again…that's the whole idea isn't it? A short trip to the "Contact" page could begin what we hope can be a long lasting business relationship.