Some of the brands that have trusted this voice.

Here are some very short samples of the work done lately and in the past. This gives an idea of the voice flexibility offered in his VO work. 


Recent Projects

Also here's a sample of his ongoing work, the most recent things already aired on TV and Radio.

Florida Power & Light


Movistar Venezuela

A voice with experience no matter how big or small the task

Edgar Garcia has enjoyed working with a broad range of clients, from small boutique production companies to large advertising and business giants. Different brands and many brand personalities.

This gives a good idea of the flexibility and experience in accommodating to the requirements  of your brand's specific needs in any given advertising campaign. That's why so many companies have chosen this voice to accompany them, sometimes for a small project, sometimes for years.

Here's a partial list of the clients that he has had  the pleasure to work with as Corporate Announcer or VO: